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Located in Stickleyville, Va., in the heart of Lee County,  you will find the 4-E Farm, located high atop one of the many majestic mountain tops.  These mountains, part of the Appalachian chain, are home of many wilderness trails left behind by early settlers.  One of the famous early settlers was Daniel Boone and his company of explorers.  At the intersection of State Route 871 and US 23, one picks up the major shortcut of the Wilderness Trail - the so-called "Devil's Race Path." As the wagons labored up a steep grade they were easy prey for thieves who lived there. This intersection is referred to as "Little Flat Lick" and named after a salt spring that oozed from the ground under the road. From here one can look at Powell Mountain and see a notch that is Kane Gap, the only significant section of the trail that has not been paved over. 

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